A place to live?

Moving to Valkeakoski is an attractive alternative!

Expanding your horizons
In Valkeakoski you may finally be able to fulfil your dream of a detached house with waterfront access near the city centre or an apartment overlooking a lake or a peaceful cottage in the country. For those who are looking for a customised solution, the City Council has both large are small plots of land available in different parts of the city. New apartment buildings come on the market almost every year. A small and compact city improves your quality of life: short distances and good services will simply make your life easier.

Leisure activities
Valkeakoski has long traditions in sports and physical exercise. Whether you are interested in playing football or dancing, throwing a frisbee or downhill biking, it is possible in Valkeakoski. We have some 160 registered sites for sports activities. Our lakes are also important resources for sports and relaxation. Moreover, Valkeakoski has a vibrant and individualistic cultural life

Education at all levels
Valkeakoski is able to provide a full range of options for students. In addition to primary and secondary schools, there are vocational and professional training programmes. Tietotie Upper Secondary School, Valkeakoski Vocational College and Häme University of Applied Sciences together form an educational cluster and share the same campus. The closest research university is in Tampere, only half an hour away. Valkeakoski Lifelong Learning Centre encourages adults to pursue their hobbies and runs basic art education programmes for children and young people.

Valkeakoski is the place for both business and leisure!