Why Valkeakoski?

Why Valkeakoski?

We can give you a lot of good reasons for setting up your company in Valkeakoski!

Logistical advantages
Valkeakoski has an enviable location in Finland. You can transport your goods seamlessly to and from anywhere in Finland. The connections to all important Finnish coastal ports are fast and reliable. The industrial estate that is closest to the city centre has its own railway siding as an alternative to road transport.

Easy commuting
It is easy to travel to and from Valkeakoski, for example from Helsinki, Tampere and Turku, whether you choose to use your own car or travel by bus. There are as many as 100 daily departures by bus between Valkeakoski and Tampere.

Land and buildings where you need them
The availability of commercial and industrial land and office space in Valkeakoski is abundant and varied. We can help you find a good site either close to the city centre or next to Motorway 3. You will get an ample supply of land and a good location at reasonable cost.

Skilled workforce and additional training services
Valkeakoski has a pool of highly experienced industrial employees and more recently graduated employees with an international orientation.
Häme University of Applied Sciences awards both technical and business degrees in its branch in Valkeakoski. Degree programmes are available in Finnish and in English. In addition, Valkeakoski has a vocational college with a broad range of vocational education programmes and customised training services to respond to specific requests from local companies. Valkeakoski Lifelong Learning Centre is another organisation that delivers training and development services based on the needs of individual companies. The Upper Secondary School recently introduced an optional English/Finnish bilingual track to meet growing demand for more language studies.

We are here to help you
If you are thinking of doing business in Valkeakoski, we in Business Development are at your service. Get started by contacting us first. One telephone call is all it takes to get results. We will find you the best alternatives, provide answers to your questions and guide you to the relevant service providers.

Effective networks
Valkeakoski has a large and varied business sector that enables you to strengthen your own networks and find services, customers and partners locally. 

Valkeakoski means business