Other industrial estates

Other industrial estates

Industrial and commercial zones in the vicinity of the city centre

Industrial and commercial sites are available in the immediate vicinity of the city centre.

Pispantalli Industrial Estate at the junction of Highway 130 to Tampere and Highway 304 to Toijala is particularly good for road transport. Most of the companies in the area are industrial (e.g. the factory and distribution centre of Saarioinen Oy, Wipak Oy and Hypap Oy).

Holmi Industrial Estate next to Valkeakoski’s main access road has attracted plastics manufacturers (e.g. Fenix Marin Oy, Muovityö Hiltunen Oy) and the steel cutting services of Flinkenberg Oy. One of Holmi’s special features is a railway siding for transporting goods by rail.

Mahlianmaa Industrial Estate at the junction of the main access road and Highway 130 to Tampere is new. Visibility from the road is excellent. The size of the estate is approximately six hectares.

Vanhakylä Industrial Estate is in a commercial zone next to the Campus. It borders on another industrial estate, which has land available for commercial and office buildings.

For more information about land availability, please contact us in Valkeakoski Business Development.

Offices and other buildings for sale or on a lease

If you wish to buy or take a lease on an existing building, your options range from factory buildings intended for heavy industry to office buildings and shops. To see what is available today, go to the Commercial Property Marketplace.
The map on this page includes the industrial estates that are closest to the city centre. Gate 29, on the other hand, is next to Motorway 3, some 15 km from the centre.