Gate 29

GATE29 Valkeakoski Finland

Pirkanmaan Portti

The best sites for commercial and industrial use in Valkeakoski!

Gate 29 (Pirkanmaan Portti in Finnish) is an industrial estate with the best commercial and industrial land in the southern half of Tampere Region, conveniently located next to Motorway 3, approximately 15 km from the centre of Valkeakoski. The whole estate has an approved urban plan that covers an area of over 80 hectares, with 400,000 square metres of authorised floor space.

Excellent location, infrastructure and communications

Gate 29 provides an unbeatable home base for companies that appreciate the following features:

  • Large parcels of land of up to dozens of hectares
  • Logistical advantages
  • Direct access to the motorway between Helsinki and Tampere
  • Visibility from the motorway
  • Soil that is easy to build on (coarse moraine)
  • Electricity supply that meets the needs of even heavy users
  • Natural gas
  • Investment grants for machinery and equipment (eligibility limited to local small and medium-sized companies)

Development is underway

The basic infrastructure of Phase 1 has been completed and the surface was levelled already in the spring of 2018. In other words, we are ready for your builders.

You can submit an application for any of the available parcels. We follow our normal Rules for selling land for industrial use. Simply contact us in Valkeakoski Business Development for more information about the urban plan, the available parcels of land and about the application process.

Gate 29 is wide enough for your success story!

Director of Business 
+358 40 335 6095

Business Advisor 
+358 40 335 6090
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Sara Tuomola Vesa Varho