Land and buildings

Land and buildings

Finding a site for your company in Valkeakoski

There is an ample supply of commercial and industrial land in Valkeakoski, both in terms of size and location. We have industrial estates in the vicinity of the city centre, and our new Gate 29 is located next to Motorway 3, approximately 15 km from the centre.

Registering your intention to buy or lease

You can register your intention to buy or lease land for industrial or commercial use at any time during the year. The processing time is short. Contact us in Business Development for more information about the documents and other administrative details.
After the registration you can apply for a building permit and commence construction work. The approval of the registration defines the minimum requirements for the building. Once you have a valid building permit, you can either buy or lease the site.

Contact us and let us help you find the site or the office that your company needs

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