Facts about Valkeakoski

Facts about Valkeakoski

Valkeakoski is a lively and friendly city known for its sporting achievements and its cultural life. It has a scenic location between Lake Mallas and Lake Vanaja, close to the city of Tampere. Competitive sports, especially football and skiing, and a passion for physical exercise are all essential elements of Valkeakoski’s local flavour.

Apart from sports and culture, Valkeakoski has a competitive and international business sector supported and strengthened by the city’s advantageous geographical location next to several major roads.

Valkeakoski is also the daily destination of commuters and shoppers from other cities in the region. The number of regular commuters is approximately 2,000.

In the past, Valkeakoski was associated with wood processing. Some of it is left, but our local economy has undergone a major transformation. The industries that are its main pillars today are packaging and food. Important examples include Bemis Valkeakoski Oy, Wipak Oy and Adara Pakkaus Oy in packaging and Saarioinen Oy in food.

Basic facts
Established: 1923
Inhabitants: 21,300
Total area: 372 sq. km, including some 100 sq. km of water

Important tourist attractions
Visavuori Museum
Rapola Hill Fort
Voipaala Art Centre
Myllysaari Museum
Sääksmäki Bridge

Theatre and cultural events
Workers’ Music Festival
Sääksmäki Music Festival
Traditional Whitsun Procession
Valkeakoski Theatre
Valkeakoski Summer Theatre

You can find more information on Valkeakoski’s official website.